International Relationships

International Relations Office of UTN FRT


In the global context, the process of internationalization is an essential function for an educational excellence proposed by the UTN FRT.

The International Relations Office is part of the Secretary of Technological Extension and Outreach. Its aim is the strengthening and consolidation of the internationalization process through the promotion of international relationships, management of bilateral agreements, international exchanges and cultural, academic and scientific cooperation to integrate our School with foreign universities and institutions as well as with international organisms.

These agreements seek to establish collaboration relationships in order to promote a strong positioning of our School internationally in addition to the accomplishment of  joint cooperation projects. 


Our Objectives

The International Relations Office aims to strengthen and consolidate the internationalization process of the School by

  • enhancing the academic, scientific and human resources linkages through the exchange and communication with foreign universities, institutions and associations.
  • carrying out the management, follow-up and accomplishment of processes of different international programs as well as the establishment of international linkages and agreements.
  • going along and following-up varied activities involved in the international calls and projects.


Management Team

International Relations Manager:

Mg. Ing. Elia Alvarez


Academic Coordinator of International Relations:

Mg. Ing. Alejandro Zumaeta

Secretary of Technological Extension and Outreach:

Ing. Mario Madariaga






The UTN and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) aim to contribute to the scientific technological and cultural oncoming between Germany and Argentina having a catalyzing role in the upgrade of  engineering careers in Argentina and giving students new experiences.

The aim of the program is to create a cooperation basis through which Argentine engineering students with outstanding academic performance make stays of studying and practice in German universities and companies and research institutes during an academic year.

The program offers UTN Argentine engineering students the possibility of making 12-month stays in German Universities. After assisting a 2-month German language course, students begin a 6-month specialty in a German university and then a 4 or 5-month practice in a research institute or in a German company.

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The International Mobility Program of the UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional) helps their teachers, researchers and doctoral students to access to financial support for their mobility abroad. It also helps teachers and  researchers from abroad to come to any Facultad Regional (Regional School) or Research Center to carry out their activities.

The program facilitates the mobility of teachers and researchers who are invited to make speeches at international events on behalf of the UTN or any other Regional School. It also helps them financially to carry out their main activities in a University or Research Institute abroad. The PMI also provides help to the UTN advanced doctorate students to go abroad in order to prepare their thesis with the endorsement of their Argentine directors.  

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Programs to study foreign languages at UTN FRT

The UTN FRT offers programs to study English, French and German through alliances with A.T.I.C.A.N.A. and the Alianza Francesa Institute. Their have course of different levels and the UTN FRT community can attend them.

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PIT | Technological Language Program

The Technological Language Program (PIT) is intended to promote the learning of a foreign language offered to the UTN community. The Office of International Relations of the UTN Rectorate manages and promotes alliances with institutions and organizations that offer foreign languages courses.

Nowadays there is a current promotion in the American OPEN ENGLISH with exclusive discounts to the UTN community. 




This program helps the mobility of teachers and students within interuniversity networks and projects among French and Argentine institutions.

The ARFITEC Program is under the control of a Franco-Argentine joint committee in which authorities of each country are represented, the Argentine Ministries of Education and Science, Technology and Productive Innovation and the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Higher Education and Research. They have the support of the French Embassy in Argentina and the Conference of Directors of the French Engineering Schools (CDEFI).

This program sustains itself with the establishment of institute networks that formulates projects to be submitted in biennial calls. The selected projects are supported to set up the mobility of students and research professors. At the beginning, the academic partnership projects has a period of two years and are renewable for two more years after an evaluation.

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This Program offers the possibility of get an internship in some of the 85 countries that integrate it. It gives university students technical training in foreign institutions, universities and companies.

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This program called Program of Latin-American Academic Exchange aims to promote the exchange of students of undergraduate and graduate careers as well as teachers, researchers and managers of joint educational universities and institutions.

Its aim is to enhance the integral, professional and academic training. It also promotes the internationalization of higher education and strengthen the cooperation bonds among Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

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This is a program for emerging leaders in the Americas. PFLA-ELAP are grants offered by the Government of Canada. They provide financing to Latin-American and Caribbean students to exchange short-term studies or investigations at grade or postgraduate levels.

These exchanges are taken place at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières with which the UTN FRT has a special agreement.

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